Vestry Minutes

St. Andrews Vestry
April 21, 2013
Approved as corrected May 19, 2013

Vestry Members:  Charlie Cagle, Susan Hurlburt, Gene Luttmann, Dorothy Blackburn,  Jon Zieber,  (Diane Denstedt was not in attendance)
Treasurer: Jon Zieber
Clergy:  Pastor Matt

Opening Prayer was lead by Gene Luttmann
Minutes of the previous meeting(s) were read at this time.  Approved as read.

Community Garden   Charlie
We will be sponsoring two plots for the community garden, which are $30.00 each.  This is in the name of St. Andrews and Peace Lutheran.  Charlie has donated seeds and starter trays.

Background Checks  Charlie
Done, and being stored at the Diocese Office.

Vestry 101      Charlie
Charlie attended both sessions.  First was essentially for new Vestry members.  The second session had more to do with how to find the right people to be on the Vestry.  Charlie will forward the link, so we can watch.  (Each presentation is one hour long…)

Update on Youth Group Visit                       Charlie
See attachment. 

See attachment.  Suggestions:  Check with the person first to see if they can be included in the prayers.  Pastor Matt will explain the process during announcement time.

If person crosses arms after receiving wafer
If person crosses arms after receiving wafer, then the lay reader and / or pastor may bless that person.

Senior Center
The costs are $150 for the meal entrée,  $75 for a side dish.
Moved / seconded / approved for meal entrée donation.

Financial Report  was presented by Jon.
See attachments.
Approved as presented.

Discussion re:   CenturyTel internet charges (quite a bit more than it was quoted).    It will continue to be monitored.

Rug Cleaning             Charlie
Will be scheduled for July.  (After the kids are here.) 

 Foyer Lights  Charlie
Dorothy will look into replacement.

 Cross Location                      Charlie
Charlie found a cross that will go in the hall.  It will be removable.

 Bless the Windows                Charlie
The Blessing of the Windows is scheduled for June 2, 2013.

Supply for ECLA Assembly Sunday             Charlie
Oregon Synod Assembly is May 17-19.  (Pastor Matt will be gone.)  Pastor Gene will provide the Communion Service.

Putting Minutes on Website ?          Charlie
It was approved to start putting the minutes on the website.

Closing prayer was led by Pastor Matt

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Hurlburt, Secretary

Meeting Dates / Upcoming Events
April 21, 2013            Lutheran Service
April 28, 2013            Episcopal Service
May 5, 2013                Lutheran Service
May 8, 2013                Women’s Group Meeting  1:30 – 3:00 pm
May 12, 2013              Episcopal Service
                                    Mothers’ Day
May 17-19, 2013        ECLA Assembly
May 19, 2013              Vestry             8:30 am
                                    Lutheran Service

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